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Month: April 2013

Intellect vs Impulse

I have had an interesting dialogue about a common topic with Ram today. I say ‘interesting’ because it was a very deep conversation, which we may not engage into very often. I also say ‘common’ because it is a theme that many of us experience. Lets us consider specific instances. Ram says he reads and […]

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Is your work tiring you?

When does work cause stress? When does work tires you out? Best way to deal with work related stress or fatigue is to understand what in the first place is causing the stress or strain. Some of the often found reasons that I could think of are:   When we are overworked or physically strained: This […]

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How to Kick-Start?

My colleague and I were sitting in a coffee shop discussing work related matters. During the conversation, she asked me the question – “how to kick start?”. At first, I didn’t understand the question fully. I asked for clarity: “kick start what?” “Anything…how to kick start anything? I pondered over the question and as I […]

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