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Month: December 2013

Look back, look ahead and execute

  “Before you step out for the New Year’s party, it makes sense to spend half an hour looking back at the year. This is purely a personal exercise and must be done in solitude with all honesty.” Follow Dr. Raj on Twitter @drraj29   It is also helpful to key in your reflections on […]

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What’s trending in HR now

“With the changed profile of gen X and gen Y, HR faced a new challenge of meeting their expectations, which go beyond money alone… They expect freedom, challenge, novelty, hierarchy-less culture and so on”  Follow Dr. Raj on Twitter @drraj29 Last week, we discussed how the need for essential Personnel & Administration (P&A) function evolved. In […]

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How to think like a leader?

It is often said that if you want to become a leader, first you need to start thinking like a leader. What does that mean?  Leaders think about future; they think not about themselves, but about the welfare the team; they think about possibilities; they think about making things happen.  When I was interacting recently […]

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How did the HR function evolve?

In an earlier article “What are the Career options in HR?” (Posted on December 11, 2013), we discussed on the fundamental nature of the HR function. We also addressed some important questions on the importance of the HR function as a support to business, pay and growth in HR careers. If the HR function is […]

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Inspiring Life Lessons from Nelson Mandela!

“Nelson Mandela is the leader who walked the talk and illustrated how one life can change the world!” The icon of leadership, Nelson Mandela (Madiba) inspired the whole world with his vision to end apartheid in South Africa. His effort to bring a peaceful transition to a democratic society was uncompromising. Some inspiring life lessons […]

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