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Month: May 2014

You shape your own career!

In our previous blog (“Who owns your career” published on May 28th 2014), we came across Virendra, a senior professional with more than eighteen years of experience and Nidhi, a fresher who are worried about the future and visibility of their career. Their main concern is “what will others (the top management) to do their […]

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Who owns your career?

Let me narrate two recent conversations that I had recently. The first one was with Virendra, a senior professional with more than eighteen years of experience. He said, “I have been playing the same role for over four years now and I am not sure how long I need to continue without any growth. My […]

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5 tips to build your resume!

The first step to getting a great job is ‘resume writing’. Make sure it is authentic, reflects who you are and is unique to you.  One thing that we need to keep in mind while preparing our resume is “don’t simply write your resume. Build it!”. In these days of increasing competition, where there are […]

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Goal Setting Workshop For A Leading Footwear Brand..

It is one of the greatest responsibilities of the leadership to develop a goal plan which clarifies purpose, strengthens internal processes and challenges the individuals within the organization. Last week, we helped one of our clients (A leading Premium Footwear Brand) in defining performance and devising water tight ‘team and individual goals’ for the current […]

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Then why worry?

Every one of us will be having a reason to get worried every day. It is a natural emotion that every human faces. Sometimes a healthy worry for certain things is good as this increases our keen eye towards details. But, beware! If this worry is becoming too intense and too frequent, it becomes unhealthy […]

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