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Month: August 2014

Negative remarks lead to mental disturbance

In our previous blog, we came across John a manager who manages team of six members, and reports to Shwetha. John is a terrific communicator, an elegant and confident professional. From a distance, all is well for John but in reality he is facing a two-fold problem both from his superior and his senior most […]

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John – A troubled manager

Here is a case of John who manages a team of six members and reports to Shwetha, the head of IT department. When you spend a few hours with john, you can make out that he is a terrific communicator in terms of vocabulary as well as direction. He also comes across as an elegant […]

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Successfully completed workshop on “Leading for collaboration”!

In today’s working environment where most of the operations are taken place virtually, there is an increasing need for the organizations to orient the leaders towards collaboration and trust within the virtual teams. We have successfully completed workshop on “Leading for Collaboration” for the top leadership team for one of our IT client. It was […]

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How to cope with the break in career?

I our previous blog “Managing Career Breaks”, we have discussed about two professionals Harini and Rajesh, who planned to break their careers for different reasons. If the break in career is a planned break, it is somewhat easy to cope with. In Harini’s case, the break was caused due to certain events in her life and […]

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