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Month: October 2014

Mistakes that trainers commit

In our previous blog, we discussed how to become a good trainer. We emphasized the need to have passion as the first step. Just for the sake of performing your job or just to earn a living if one takes up training as a profession, I am sure they won’t do justice to their career […]

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How to become a good trainer?

Standing in front of a group of participants and delivering training is an exciting experience that many look forward to. They may be desirous of taking up training as a full time career or their existing job may require them to deliver training. In either case, it calls for a certain set of skills to […]

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The complexity of collaboration!

In our previous blog “Collaboration.. a tool to achieve aspirations” we have discussed about the importance of collaboration and its definition in the view of an individual. But what makes collaboration complex? What can organizations and leaders do to instill collaboration? Lets explore! What makes it so complex? The complexity lies in the fact that […]

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