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Month: December 2014

Opportunities for HRBP to Add Value

In our previous blogs we have discussed about the structure of HR function and the role of HRBP. Let us look at the specific opportunities for HRBP to add value in organization. Specific Opportunities for HRBP to Add Value: There are many areas of business, which can benefit from the expertise of HRBP. Some of […]

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What exactly is HR Business Partner?

Many resumes these days of HR professionals have at least one mention of HR Business Partner; they term it as HRBP. I recently had a chance to interview a fairly senior HR person over the phone and he too mentioned his present role as HR Business Partner. I then asked him the following questions: -> […]

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Essentials for young leaders

In our previous blog, we discussed about the importance of leading self. If one knows how  to lead self, he/she will gain respect and credibility in others eyes, which is fundamental for a leader to grow. Let us discuss the five aspects the are critical for a young professional to emerge as a good leader. […]

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