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Month: April 2018

World should have treated me better!

Self Acceptance

“During my stint in that organization, I brought in many systems and processes; there was nothing when I joined” – […]

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Engagement is much more than one outing and one grand lunch!

Employee Engagement

Two hundred people….one day outing…a place not seen by many before….HR and facilities teams get busy planning the complex logistics… […]

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Does your performance matter to you?

individual performance

Organizations and leaders focus so much on performance. They design systems; they organize workshops; they review; they offer feedback; they […]

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Does trust come with associated risk?

trust with associated risks

When we meet some people, we tend to trust them at first instance. With others, we may take sometime and build our trust.  It is always intriguing to see why we trust some and we don’t with others.

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