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Is it fair to perceive those who are poor in English as less competent?

“The story published by Times of India (dated January 5, 2014) triggered these questions and worth giving a thought which […]

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How HR is using Social Media….

If you are a potential candidate seeking employment, your profile may be verified on the social media. HR people can check […]

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Primer…. How Businesses use Social Media

You love it or hate it; it is here to stay and gain in strength. That is the power of […]

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Are you ready to be coached?

“In our experience, there has been ample evidence on the success of coaching engagement wherever openness and Commitment were present!” – Dr. Raj Follow […]

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Three things that can make New Year resolutions work!

We have just stepped in to the New Year and the one topic that finds its way into most conversations […]

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