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Leaders Vs Bosses

John – A troubled manager

Here is a case of John who manages a team of six members and reports to Shwetha, the head of IT department. When you spend a few hours with john, you can make out that he is a terrific communicator in terms of vocabulary as well as direction. He also comes across as an elegant […]

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Leadership – what it is not

Who comes to your mind when we say ‘leader’? Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Martin Luther King, Hitler, Obama? Why did they cross your mind? Is it because they made a difference? Had an impact? Mostly yes. From the above two questions we can understand what is leadership.  It is all about creating a ‘lasting impact for […]

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Leadership is Responsibility

During the last few weeks, India has been a happening place. There has been change of governments, emergence of new leaders, impact on the stock markets and to top it all the Indian Premier League! One can read news, watch the television debates and pass time. But a closer look at some of the happenings […]

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7-Tips for People Development

During the growth journey, a stage comes in career where you need to go through a transition period. Most important transition is when you move from being an individual contributor to becoming a manager of a team. While there are many newly added responsibilities, developing team members is one of the most important responsibilities of managers.In […]

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Want to develop your people? Here are the 7 tips to do it better!

Developing team members is one of the primary responsibilities of managers. Different managers do it in different ways. To make it more effective, here are the tips: 1.  Firstly, ask yourself – are you genuinely interested in developing people? Doing it as a compulsion of your job is unlikely to give you best results. 2. […]

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