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Careers and Concerns

Knowledge Vs Communication skills

knowledge vs communication skills

Many years ago, I interviewed Ramana Rao for a position. Ramana Rao scored good marks in his M.Sc. and applied for a job in a pharmaceutical company. He was shortlisted and called for an interview for a role in the quality department. I, as the HR head, along with a senior scientist and the head […]

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Understanding the reasons for rejection

reasons behind rejections

In our previous blog, we understood three stages where an interviewee will face rejection. Let us understand the likely reasons for rejection at each of these stages. Reasons for rejecting the resume:  Your resume may not be meeting even the minimum specifications of the job requirement. These requirements are mostly seen as mandatory; any CV that […]

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Image makeover for increased productivity at work

In our previous blog, we have discussed about two professionals Mini and Ravindra who were wondering what others think of them at workplace. When seen keenly, knowingly or unknowingly, both have created an image at the workplace. Many of us may face this situation and we may not even realize. What contributes to such image […]

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How to cope with the break in career?

I our previous blog “Managing Career Breaks”, we have discussed about two professionals Harini and Rajesh, who planned to break their careers for different reasons. If the break in career is a planned break, it is somewhat easy to cope with. In Harini’s case, the break was caused due to certain events in her life and […]

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Five Derailers to Watch Out

Young professionals with good education, sharp intellect and job related competencies with abundant talent sometimes get derailed in early stage of their careers. do set their careers on the success tracks initially. However, they fail to sustain the same. The reason for their derailment is not their incompetence on the job; it is indeed their […]

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