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5 tips to build your resume!

The first step to getting a great job is ‘resume writing’. Make sure it is authentic, reflects who you are and is unique to you.  One thing that we need to keep in mind while preparing our resume is “don’t simply write your resume. Build it!”. In these days of increasing competition, where there are […]

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Four communication mistakes to avoid

We come across quite a few scenes in the movies, which tickle our funny bone. We enjoy when a character acts silly and gets ridiculed on the screen. We have some nice time and walk out of theatre feeling relaxed. But have we seen ourselves in such a scenario where possibly others are laughing at […]

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Do leadership development programs work?

Annually so many millions are spent on leadership training; various learning initiatives are designed and rolled out hoping that leaders develop; do they really work? Do people learn to become leaders through such learning initiatives? Detailed research has been going on to measure the training effectiveness and to track the ROI from leadership development initiatives. […]

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Do you know – your employees may be shielding your inefficiencies!

Let me narrate an interesting incident that happened recently. I was staying in a moderate hotel; one of the days during my stay, there was a problem with the television; when I wanted to call, the intercom was not working; I then wanted to make some coffee, there was a problem with the kettle and […]

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Manage yourself to manage time

This article was published in:  HR Mirror,  Hans India.  Follow Dr. Raj on Twitter @drraj29   The other day I had an interesting request over a phone call. It was from Raghav, a 35-year old mid-level manager in a growing company. As he started speaking to me, he had a slight hesitation in his voice. Raghav […]

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