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What Is Performance Accountability Index?

Performance = f(capability + accountability)

Performance is based on two key components – Capability and Accountability. Capability answers the question, ‘Can your team do it?‘ While accountability addresses the question ‘Will your team do it?

“PAI is a tool designed to measure the level of accountability at an organizational level.”

PAI uses scientifically proven testing techniques to understand and measure the everyday work lives of your employees to determine the behaviours that help enhance the level of accountability and those that actively discourage your employees from behaving accountably.

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Framework for accountability at work

Through our extensive research, we identified 5 broad dimensions – or drivers – of accountability. PAI uses a set of scientifically tested statements to measure accountability on each of these dimensions.

How PAI Works?

  • Administer a survey
  • Measure and report organization's overall PAI
  • Measure PAI of each major driver of accountabliy
  • In-depth Analysis
  • 5 step action plan
  • Reassess PAI after 6 months (Recommended)

Five Drivers of Accountability

Accountability leading to performance

Each of these can further be broken down into sub-drivers – specific, perceivable behaviours that can be used to determine the extent of influence of each of the drivers.

Why PAI?


PAI provides organizations with the most vital insights to improve accountability towards performance.

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We are a diverse pool of talent with collectively 100+ years of experience. Right from Specialists in Operations Research and HR experts to Psychologists and Chartered Accountants, we are a team who not only excel in Organisational Behaviour & Performance, but also specialise in quantitative techniques and analytics. Above all, we share a common passion of becoming the “Promoters of Performance” for organisations.

Industry Experience

Over the past 12 years we have been enablers of performance for 300+ organisations. We believe Human Resource as a function has immense potential to address performance enabling dimensions in an organisation; be it Talent Aquisition, Talent Utilisation or Talent Development or even establishing culture of performance and accountability


We are a diverse pool of talent. Right from PhDs to HR Experts to Psychologists to Chartered Accountants, we are a team who understand business including the softer aspects. Outsourcing HR to us will open the access to our collective experience. It will significantly save your hiring cost and managerial time.

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