Connecting Talent & Opportunity

There is no second thought that Talent is imperative in building organizations and careers. In spite of this there are several challenges in hiring which companies around the world face. Right from ensuring the candidate possess the required skills and competence to having a right fit with the culture of the company, there are plenty of challenges and uncertainties.

Living up to our ‘simplifying excellence’ tagline, we look to address few of the many challenges faced in the recruitment space through our simple solutions. With this motto, we created a focused wing called ‘ Talentmandi’ to help connect talent and opportunities.

Talentmandi – the recruitment services vertical of HR Footprints primarily caters to its client needs through executive search model.

At its base level, executive search is simply about researching, reaching out and sourcing good profiles that suit the client requirement and connect both the parties. That is what we do as executive search!

However, over the past decade our experience, we realize that there are many places in the process where we can add value and enrich the service to the delight of both the clients and executives. That is what we offer – extra value add! For more details visit