“The training program was good and it showed a completely different way of delivering a training module.
This has created a positive impact on people’s mind. We happy to have you as our partner for a long term association.”

HR Head of a Global Major , Fabric company

We are happy with the performance of our HR Manager who has joined us through HR Footprints. Thank you for your continued support in providing excellent talent…

CEO, Pharma Company

Congratulations!…… for leaving your indelible “footprints” in people’s minds and hearts!! The work of the team has been dedicated and with commitment which will lead to many such successful milestones in the future.

VP-HR, Telecom company

Thanks a lot for showing me the right opportunity; I have all freedom to streamline financial systems and process. I enjoy working with the MD who appreciates new ideas. It is because of the Recruitment team of HRFP, today I am at the right place

CFO, Pharma Company

Thanks for sharing inspiring anecdotes which make us think. I don’t have much words Straight, Superb & Spectacular. The case studies are “Simple To Read”, Difficult To Comprehend very well explained & articulated.

Project Manager, IT MNC