Anyone can be a leader – if you choose to be one!


Firstly, upfront let us state that leadership is not a position; it is action! 

What does it mean to lead? 

Leadership is the ability to understand the bigger picture, collaborate, influence, share and bring the best of self & others to achieve the goal.

To perform the above action, one need not have a position as a prerequisite. Therefore, we say that anyone who can perform this action can be a leader. Of course, if one is offered a position, it may facilitate the leadership action better. However, leadership is not contingent upon a title or position.


Anyone can become; but a few become

While anyone can be a leader, only a few will actually end up demonstrating leadership. Why?

While I have the opportunity to lead, I may not have the desire to lead. Unless I choose to lead, you cannot expect leadership from me!

What drives such a choice to lead? 

It is rather a complex question. You may expect some returns and therefore you lead. Or you lead because you are driven by the purpose. Either ways, you need to have a reason to choose leadership. If it is intrinsic influence, then your energy to lead is likely to last longer despite hardships. 


Article By: Dr. Raj, 
CEO, HR Footprints Management Services Pvt. Ltd. 
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