Are you ready to be coached?


“In our experience, there has been ample evidence on the success of coaching engagement wherever openness and commitment were present!”

– Dr. Raj

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Many organizations these days are choosing ‘coaching’ as a vehicle for manager or leader development. They engage a coach – usually a professional from outside – who will have a series of dialogues with the identified managers on a one-to-one basis over a period. Coaching process will have its own metrics or indicators to track the progress. Before we get down to tracking and measuring, there is a very important aspect that will determine the success of the coaching engagement.

ready to be coached

Readiness on the part of the manager is essential to reap the benefits out of coaching.  Two specific behaviors that indicate whether you are ready to be coached are:

Openness: One must be open to be coached

  1. Manager need to go into coaching with an open mind that there is something to be learnt or improved.
  2. Openness is also required to ideas that emerge during the coaching conversations.
  3. Openness is also required to receive feedback from the coach.

Commitment: One must be committed for improvement: commitment

  1. Commitment is required firstly to stick to the coaching schedules.
  2. Commitment is essential to try out fresh ideas or perspectives that might emerge from the coaching conversations.
  3. Finally, commitment is required to improve oneself.

So, are you ready to be coached on your way up the ladder. Try and implement the mentioned behaviors to ensure maximum learning and development.

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