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HR Footprints’ 9 steps towards Executive Search

Executive search is a specialized recruitment service used to source candidates for Senior and Top Management Positions by tapping passive candidates. In our previous blog, we have explained about the difference between Recruitment and Executive search. This blog will help you understand the steps involved in Executive Search process. Research about client Organization: While getting into an […]

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Executive Search!! – Is it not recruitment?

Generally, Recruitment and Executive Search are treated as same, while they both have a significant difference in the approach. Recruitment is identifying a pool of active candidates looking for a job change. Executive Search is identifying passive candidates and create an interest to change based on the opportunity. Let’s look at some key differences between Recruitment and[…]

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What do job seekers look for in their prospective workplace?

The market today is changing. There was once a time that the market was driven by employers and job givers but the tables seem to have turned now. The job seekers drive the market and like all employers would have, they too come up with their list of prerequisites and expectations before they take up offers. So[…]