communication skills



Knowledge Vs Communication skills

In this article, we look at a perfect example to emphasize the importance of communication skills as against good knowledge and performance in academics. Many years ago, I interviewed Ramana Rao for a position. Ramana Rao scored good marks in his M.Sc. and applied for a job in a pharmaceutical company. He was shortlisted and called for […]

reasons for rejection



Understanding the reasons for rejection

In our previous blog, we understood three stages where an interviewee will face rejection. Let us understand the likely reasons for rejection at each of these stages. Reasons for rejecting the resume:  Your resume may not be meeting even the minimum specifications of the job requirement. These requirements are mostly seen as mandatory; any CV that does not[…]



Reasons for Rejection

Many of us have had o face rejection at different interviews at different stages of our career. Well, here we will explore the same with a few examples. Latha has been eagerly waiting to hear from the company that she applied for. It has been more than two weeks and there is no reply. She started wondering[…]