Career Management for Talent Management: A Case Study

A global and extremely well known organization headquartered in Europe with operations in India realized the need to prepare the entire organization towards a structured career management process. HR Footprints Management Services team was invited to conceptualize and design an intervention to address the need.  What was the need? The organization operates in high-tech engineering industry. To [...]



Successfully completed workshop on “Leading for collaboration”!

In today’s working environment where most of the operations are taken place virtually, there is an increasing need for the organizations to orient the leaders towards collaboration and trust within the virtual teams. We have successfully completed workshop on “Leading for Collaboration” for the top leadership team for one of our IT client. It was a highly[...]



Workshop on Relationship Centered Leadership

Relationships play a very important role in the organizations. In strong and healthy relationships people show respect and kindness towards each other. Such relationships form a rewarding and enduring bond of trust and support. This support leads to successful fulfillment of project or task. When this flavor of ‘relationship centered culture’ is added in leadership, there is[...]