That Scary Thing Called Change

We’ve heard it a million times – change is the only constant. We try our best to train our minds to be okay with change, but it just doesn’t happen. Sometimes, it feels like the human mind isn’t programmed to handle change – no matter how positive it may be. An organisation that had just finished their […]

Some initiatives never take-off: Why?

We have been working with many organizations on various HR initiatives – some are strategic, some are operational; some are focused and some are exploratory. Our experience tells us that strategic initiatives need high degree of internal debate, involvement of multiple stakeholders and a broad consensus at the top to take off and sustain. On the other[…]




Opportunities For HRBP To Add Value

In our previous blogs we have discussed about the structure of HR function and the role of HRBP. Let us look at the specific opportunities for HRBP to add value in organization. Specific Opportunities for HRBP to Add Value: There are many areas of business, which can benefit from the expertise of HRBP. Some of the examples[…]