what is leadership



What is Leadership?

We have come across the term leadership so many times in our lives. We have seen and witnessed so many examples in history, and in present times as well. So, what is leadership ? What is leadership all about ? Let me start with a disclaimer – The following conversations were not made up, just the names […]



John – A troubled manager

Here is a case of John who manages a team of six members and reports to Shwetha, the head of IT department. When you spend a few hours with john, you can make out that he is a terrific communicator in terms of vocabulary as well as direction. He also comes across as an elegant and confident[…]

leadership what it is not



Leadership – What It Is Not!

Who comes to your mind when we say ‘leader’? Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Martin Luther King, Hitler, Obama? To understand leadership we must understand what it is not! Why did they cross your mind? Is it because they made a difference? Had an impact? Mostly yes. From the above two questions we can understand what is leadership.  It[…]