Competency Assessment – Our Recent Case Study

What a fabulous experience it has been! Closely watching nearly 347 people taking part in our assessment centers over the last 3 months and how vividly the process throws up data about their competencies….fabulous! What was the business need? We were invited by a large manufacturing organization to recommend a process to understand their people’s potential which […]

HR Audit To Ascertain The Organizational Requirements

A highly reputed corporate hospital planned to grow into multi-location chain and wanted to prepare itself with necessary systems and processes to manage the growth from the HR dimension. This called for an HR Audit. In order to ascertain the specific areas of requirement and to arrive at the well-defined scope of larger engagement, HR Footprints carried[…]

HR Process Outsourcing For Organization’s Growth & Development

A 400 cr pharma company aspiring to grow multi-fold was unsuccessful in strengthening its HR processes. They opted for HR Process Outsourcing and partnered with HR Footprints in organization transformation process. HR Footprints is about to complete 5 years with this organization and have created all the HR Systems, Policies and Processes and also was part of[…]