Competency Assessment – Our Recent Case Study

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What a fabulous experience it has been! Closely watching nearly 347 people taking part in our assessment centers over the last 3 months and how vividly the process throws up data about their competencies….fabulous!

What was the business need?

We were invited by a large manufacturing organization to recommend a process to understand their people’s potential which they want to factor in their business growth plans. In other words, they wanted to have a clear idea on their existing talent pool so as to decide their talent ramp up to fuel their aggressive growth plans. HR Footprints team interacted with the Presidents and Directors of the business and understood that their need is more in terms of assessing the non-technical competencies. They felt that the internal senior leaders quite capable to comment about the team’s technical and functional aspects.

Our Approach:

We then recommended “Assessment Center” as a tool to assess their people across 3 plants. We had to explain what this methodology is all about and how the process significantly minimizes the individual bias during the assessment process. Top management team and HR team were convinced and wanted us to execute the plan in their largest plant first.

We meticulously defined the competencies, rating scales and developed customized assessment simulations. The corporate HR team along with plant HR excellently organized the venues and schedules. Four assessors along with one Process Coordinator from HR Footprints carried out the assessments, calibrations and consolidation of the ratings. We successfully assessed 209 people in the plant and presented the report to the Whole Time Director (board member) along with the top team.

What was the outcome?

Our report clearly identified those members who showed excellent potential and need to be recognized and engaged meaningfully. We also recommended the names who would require development support. Finally, we also identified those who are ‘solid citizens’ and those who are ‘passengers’. Organization will take a closer look at each of these 209 people along with their internal domain assessments and will act on it. This was the directive from the Whole Time Director and the President!

What more? The top team was so happy with the quality of the report and insights that it brought out that they instantly asked us to do the same process in their other two plants. We just completed the same and now we are delighted for adding value to our client!

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