Criticality of People Management: For Organizations and For Individual Careers

For more than a decade, we have been working with various clients – small & medium sized to large multinational companies. While there are a variety of HR needs that emanate out of business environment, we find one common need across – the need for people management and more savvy people managers!

It is no more a mere slogan to say that people are true asset for business; it is a crucial business imperative.

As the organizations scale up, the need for talented people also goes up. To manage the ramped up teams, organizations rely on their technical managers to play the people managers. Some line/business/technical managers grow into people managers seamlessly while others struggle to settle into the ‘softer side’ of the non-technical role. Some resent the idea of people management while some need help to develop these skills. Organizations therefore invest a lot in equipping their technical managers with people management skills. These investments are so critical, for otherwise the talent scale up and getting the best out of people will get adversely affected.

While the businesses desperately need people managers, it is equally a good career growth opportunity for individuals. If one can showcase the aptitude for people management as well as demonstrate the competence to manage people, they certainly stand a better chance for career advancement. To avail this opportunity, the technically competent individuals need to invest in honing their people management skills. Learning to manage people through experience is a long drawn process and organizations usually do not take chances. Also, it is risky for individuals to embark upon a people management responsibility without sufficient preparation. Therefore, one needs to improve their readiness and tell the world that they have in them what it takes to manage people!

Note: If you wish to know more about our experiences of how we helped many managers develop their people management skills, and about our Certified People Manager (CPM) program, please do write to or call 9000177207.

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