Do you feel small when you see someone better than you?

In our professional career, we often come across people who are better than us in some aspects. They may be better presenters, they are more knowledgeable, they may be more aggressive, they are better in building relationships or they may be better in achieving results.

When you come across such people, how do you feel? There could be two types of scenarios that are possible. Which one is applicable in your case?

Scenario-A: Do you get motivated and inspired to be like them? Does it drive you towards improvement? If it so, then you need the company of those who are better than you. They inspire your development.

Scenario-B: Do you feel small in the presence of those who are better than you? Does it demotivate you? Does it impact your confidence negatively? If this scenario is applicable in your case, then you need to be careful.

do you feel smallSome possible ways to handle this scenario include:

1.  If possible, you temporarily avoid their presence till you achieve some improvement. 

2.  If you cannot avoid their presence, then you need to identify those areas where you are comparing; in such areas, you need to focus and bring about some improvement on a priority. 

3.  If improvement is difficult in the short term, then you can deflect your attention on to those aspects where you are better than them; you need to demonstrate those aspects much more. This can restore your confidence.

4.  Finally, you need to remind yourself that everyone is good in some aspect; we simply need to discover it! 

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Dr. Raj, C.E.O.,
HR Footprints Management Services Pvt.Ltd. 


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