Business Excellence Through People Management – Dr.Raj


Dr G Raj, CEO of HR footprints was invited as a guest speaker at the  ISO conference 2014 organized Exclusively for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs by ODC Standards Certifications (India) Pvt Ltd., at Taj Banjara, Hyderabad. The theme of the conference was “Achieving Business Excellence”.


The objective of this well attended event was to provide insights to business owners / entrepreneurs by learned speakers which would enable delegates to strive for achieving business excellence in respective business enterprises.

Dr Raj’s session aimed at enhancing people’s excellence by innovative people management practices and was based on the EFQM excellence model. This model provides a holistic tool for assessing how effective you are in developing and delivering a stakeholder focused strategy. The EFQM Excellence Model is based on nine criteria. Five of these are “Enablers” and four are “Results“. 

business excellenceThe “Enabler” criteria cover what an organization does and how it does it.  The “Results” criteria cover what an organization achieves. The session was well received and highly interactive with talent related challenges and people concerns raised by the delegates. 


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