executive search and recruitment

Executive Search!! – Is it not recruitment?

Generally, Recruitment and Executive Search are treated as same, while they both have a significant difference in the approach.

Recruitment is identifying a pool of active candidates looking for a job change. Executive Search is identifying passive candidates and create an interest to change based on the opportunity.

Let’s look at some key differences between Recruitment and Executive Search.

RecruitmentExecutive Search (specialized 
recruitment service)
  • Starts the process against a simple job description
  • Starts the process by getting a clear understanding of the Clients expectations and future plans of the organization
  • Identify candidates using online cv database, job portals and match the specified Job descriptions
  • Target candidates who are matching the job description from diverse backgrounds by personal contact or networking
  • Identify and do a specific keyword search based on the Job Description 
  • Build an attractive story about the organization and the role to create interest in the potential talent
  • A brief interaction with the candidate to check the suitability to the Job Description and keenness to change the current job and share the profiles with the client organization quickly to complete the process
  • Takes time to engage in a career dialogue with the candidate and understand their experience and also fitment to the culture of the organization  to ensure long term association with the organization
  • Coordinate with the organization and candidate and ensure the interview process is done without any surprises
  • Maintain constant touch with the candidates and travel through the entire interview process and facilitate smoothly to give them a feel of the client organization
  • Once the candidate is selected, seek references from the candidate and share with client organization for further process
  • Once the candidate is selected, facilitate and complete the reference check process through or networks and present a detailed report to the client organization
  • Coordinate with the client and ensure the offer is released and the candidate accepts the same
  • Facilitate the offer process by managing the expectations of the candidate and organization to ensure a smooth offer process. 
  • Seek confirmation from the candidate once they join the organization and inform the client
  • Stay in touch with the organization and candidate to facilitate smooth joining process to enable the candidate to settle well in the role and perform as expected

Executive search is a specialized recruitment service and is much more than the regular recruitment process. We at HR Footprints have specialized Executive Search professionals and we help organizations in hiring Senior and Top talent for their growth plan and also helps in building client organization brand through our dialogue with the potential candidates.

Do reach us for your Senior and Top Level Growth Hirings. We will be happy to support you!!

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