Gearing Up For Placement Season

“In many campuses, the format for the resume is standardised, leaving very little scope to be creative. Within the limitations, you can still make effort to differentiate yourself. You need to choose what to write in the limited space that will help you present your image better”

Soon it is going to be placement season in most of the campuses. In many campuses, it starts in the next few months. Placement preparation among the outgoing students must have started already. Here are some important aspects that one may keep in mind to manage self during this placement season and fare well.

What is the first step?

Obviously many say that you will need a well-written resume’. I will say that even before you write a good resume, you need to ensure clarity of thought about your career.
What you aspire to become in your career is important so that you can present your CV accordingly. In addition, what you write on the CV will resonate well with how you present yourself during the interview process.

Writing your resume: 

In many campuses, the format for the resume is standardised, leaving very little scope to be creative. Within the limitations, you can still make effort to differentiate yourself. You need to choose what to write in the limited space that will help you present your image better.resume

One most important aspect is to check for yourself if you can stand by every word that you have written on your resume. You must be ready with your own examples, experiences to substantiate every statement that you make about yourself in the resume.

Work on your physical and mental fitness: 

The placement process is usually a short duration event, limited to a week. You need to be mentally and physically stronggearing up for placement season to cope with all the stress during this week. You might wonder why is it so stressful. Firstly, the tight schedules (sometimes stretching to the odd hours of the night) of the placement week do create physical stress. You need to be physically fit to cope with the strenuous process.

More importantly, you need to work on your mental fitness. The selection process demands high degree of mental alertness. If you experience mental fatigue, it will surely affect your performance.

Present yourself well: 

Physical appearance is an important factor in creating high impact during a short interaction. Many students suddenly take to blazers and ties, which they were not used to earlier. When you are wearing something that is not your usual attire, it is common to feel uncomfortable and artificial. You will not know how to carry yourself in such formal dressing. It is better you start wearing formal wear much before the placement week and make yourself comfortable. Remember, a good dress adds to your confidence only if you are comfortable in it!

Stay positive: 

It is true that stakes are high during the placement week. You might consider this to bestay positive your gateway to realize career dreams. Such high stakes do create internal pressure and associated fears. What if I don’t get through a good company, what if the compensation is not good enough, what if I remain without a job? Such negative thoughts and fears will not help you in the process. Discipline your mind and keep your own expectations and fears under check. Develop thoughts that are more positive! Stay away from thinking too much about the consequences. Focus on your preparation and one interview at a time.

Work on your confidence: 

Your academic record and CV helps you in getting through the shortlisting. For the rest of the selection process, you need to carry a well-balanced confidence. Think of all the achievements that you have had so far in your life; keep telling yourself what you are good at; remember those challenges that you had successfully passed through. Such self-talk helps you in reinforcing confidence and self-belief. Your confidence will be seen in the way you walk, shake hands with the interview panel and the way you speak.

Do not succumb to peer pressure:

As you head closer to the placement week and more so during the placement process, you will see some of your peers coming out with flying colors. It is bound to mount pressure on you. If you succumb to the pressure, it will adversely affect your performance and may force you make wrong decisions of accepting offers that you never wanted to. Tell yourself ­ “my turn will come“!

Finally, there is no better way than having a plan-B for your career. placement season should not be the end; there are opportunities beyond the week!

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