It is hard to own your career choices…but not difficult!

In our last blog we discussed about how different people influence our lives and our career choices and decisions. In this context, we have stated an example where a lady wants her daughter to study CA as her career, just to align with the family pattern even though her daughter is interested in engineering. Similarly, let’s take up some more examples that I have experienced recently, which proves the same.

Choice of hobby:

Here is another story of a teenager who wanted to take up dance as a hobby. I am not sure if he was inspired by Michael Jackson, but he definitely enjoyed dancing a lot. When he expressed his desire, his father did not like to see him jumping around on the stage; instead he asked him to pursue Carnatic vocal as a hobby. The teenager had a decent voice, but no interest. I wonder if the career choice will be a pleasure or pressure.

Choice of career:

images (19)Here is the story of a girl who completed her B Pharmacy in a local college. Soon after, she received a job offer to be a pharmacist in a progressive pharmacy retail chain. The job involved understanding the patent’s requirements, studying the prescription, selling medicines. Given her pharmacy background, she could do that well and she enjoyed the rapport with some of the aged people.

Then one day, a distant relative happened to see her in the pharmacy. Since then she was worried. The reason was that he went back to the village and publicized to everybody that the girl was working in a store as a “counter girl” selling medicines. No one understood the depth of the job. Under pressure from the family, she had to resign from the job which she loved and enjoyed.

Own it!

The above all examples highlight the social pressure that one experiences in one’s careers and lives. Is it worth it? Should we always please others at the cost of displeasing ourselves? Is the social or parental pressure always negative?

It is important to listen to all the views and suggestions from parents and our well wishers. Ultimately, if we can develop the inner strength to make choices and, more importantly, take responsibility for the same, we will evolve into confident and self made individuals. Of course, in the process, we need to be empathetic about others expectations from us, and try balancing to a possible extent.

Excerpts from the article – It is hard to fully own your career choices!
By: Dr.Raj, 
Published in HR Mirror, Hans India.
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