How to Kick-Start?

kick-startMy colleague and I were sitting in a coffee shop discussing work related matters. During the conversation, she asked me the question – “how to kick start?”.
At first, I didn’t understand the question fully. I asked for clarity: “kick start what?”
“Anything…how to kick start anything?
I pondered over the question and as I did, I realized that more questions indeed would answer this question!
  •  Are you really excited about what you wish to kick-start? (if you are person driven by your passion)
  •  How much you volunteered into this activity that needs to be kick started? Or has it been thrusted on you? (if you are not convinced about what needs to be done)
  • Are you a last minute finisher? (if  you are known to procrastinate till 11th hour)
  • Are you committed doing it? (if  you are a person guided by your own commitment)
  • Are you clear about what needs to be done? Are you waiting for someone’s approval? (if you are a part of a team and not the decision maker)
  • Are you a perfection-seeker and therefore wanting to explore better ways before kick starting? (if you are a perfection seeker)
  • What are the consequences of not kick-starting? (if you are a person driven by the fear of consequences)
  • What is the reward if you kick-start? (if you are person driven by external stimuli)
Every time, I am about to kick-start or delaying the kick-start, I wish to pose these questions so that I can figure out if anything is holding me back!
I want to remind myself that every big achievement germinated from a small idea that was once kick-started; every marathon is completed with the first foot forward…. each of the 100 centuries of Sachin Tendulkar started off with the first run!
Blog Author : Dr Raj

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