The world has evolved to believe that it is either the e-way or no-way. At a time when everything is just a click away, HR Footprints has envisaged the future of learning & development and thus conceived the ide-cademyea of e-cademy!

HR Footprints E-cademy is a learning platform where professionals can find solutions to their development needs right at their workplace. It is an online interface that connects one to the right tools to enhance their skills.

It is conveniently comprehensive!

Yes, while we provide the convenience of learning, we DO NOT compromise on making the learning comprehensive. Towards this, we use a mix of multiple methodologies:

  • E-modules as pre-work
  • Case studies and analysis
  • Learning Assignments
  • Self Assessment Quizzes
  • Discussion Forums for group work
  • Webinars with Subject Matter Experts


If you wish to

  • Scale up your L&D activity;
  • Speed up your L&D offerings
  • Ensure uniform delivery of content across the organization
  • Reach your satellite teams scattered across geographies,


Our e-cademy can offer you a ready solution! Write to us to know more about our well-researched offerings as well as customized programs via the e-way! Write to Us!