• HR Outsourcing helps businesses foster growth by strategizing and executing scalable HR and OD systems.
  • Over the last 13 years with our team experience of 30+ years, we could make significant impact on the growth of 20+ organizations in India ranging from Pharma, Engineering, Mining, Printing and FMCG industries through our three-pronged HR outsourcing model

Our three-pronged approach

We are staunch believers that ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work in people matters. We dive deep into your business, understand organization and people dynamics and arrive at a strategy and road map for execution.

However, from our vast experience in HR Outsourcing, we are confident of crafting success of our intervention using our ‘Three-Pronged Approach’ or ‘The Broad Scope’ which has Strategic Initiatives – Tactical Initiatives – Operational Initiatives.

  • Strategic Initiatives include HR Strategy, Vision & Mission, Organization structuring, Work Hierarchy etc.
  • Tactical Initiatives include defining job roles & responsibilities, HR policies, performance management system, compensation & benefits structuring, facilitating training & development, etc.
  • Operational Initiatives include employee services, payroll, implementation of policies, performance management system, employee engagement initiatives, capability building of the internal HR team etc.

5 Reasons to Outsource to HR Footprints

  1. Strategy to Execution – We normally derive the HR strategy based on the long, medium and short-term strategic objectives of the business. Further, the HR Outsourcing scope includes execution as well; what is a strategy without proper implementation?
  2. Result oriented approach – In the Outsourced arrangement, we adopt a projectized approach and therefore is designed to deliver results with specific goals and milestones pre-defined.
  3. Knowledge Repository – Every aspect right from strategy, systems & processes, daily operations shall be documented and this becomes a natural course to build knowledge within the organization for future sustainability.
  4. Strength of a team and higher impact – Hiring one senior HR leader cannot build or address all your HR needs. On the contrary, we as an HR Outsourced partner deliver as a team by leveraging diverse expertise and the impact of the results on the ground is quicker and higher.
  5. Flexible Models of deployment – In the HRO model, seasoned resources work with business leaders of the organization and yet the organization does not have the burden of such resources on their payrolls. These are time-bound arrangements, with knowledge transfer and support options. HR Outsourcing that way offers a lot of flexibility.

For these above reasons and many more, our clients usually sign us up for a multi-year contract and experience tangible results. We surely believe that growth of our client’s business is a sign of our success!

If your organization wants to outsource any of your HR sub-function, we are just a click away! Write to Us!