Leadership is Responsibility

During the last few weeks, India has been a happening place. There has been change of governments, emergence of new leaders, impact on the stock markets and to top it all the Indian Premier League! One can read news, watch the television debates and pass time. But a closer look at some of the happenings offer us deeper insights and teach us important lessons.

From today and in the coming week, let us discuss a sample of them one by one. Please note that these HR lessons emerge out of my personal interpretations and do not act as any endorsement to any political outfit or individual personalities.

Leadership is responsibility:

leadership is responsibilityBeing a leader is not about power, position and control. Leadership is fundamentally a responsibility. It is a very prime aspect of leadership, but seldom demonstrated by many aspiring leaders. We have seen it happening in one of the national parties where the ‘leader’ decided to delegate responsibility of representing the party in parliament after disappointing results. One cannot be respected as a leader when he/she shirks responsibility after the team failed to deliver.

Leading during success is relatively easier than leading during failures. In fact, great leaders emerge stronger by standing by the team during troubled times and thereby resurrecting the lost confidence and morale! Keep tracking this space for more discussions.

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