The ‘why’ of learning

Several organizations allocate large sums of money towards employee learning initiatives. I noticed a pattern of higher resistance or indifference to learn when there are more choices of learning. Somehow an attitude prevails as if they are mandated to attend irrespective of their personal motivation to learn. Interestingly, where there are not many learning programs, the hunger for learning tends to be more. Is it because we don’t realize the value when something is offered free and more often? Do we value more if something is scarce? Is it dependent more on the supply-demand or more on our aptitude to learn?

That brings out the key question – what is your learning aptitude? Do you have the inner urge to learn and self develop?

why learningBefore you decide what to learn, it is prudent to understand the ‘why’ of learning. In adult environment, if one is not convinced about the reason to learn, it is extremely difficult make that person learn.

Some of the reasons why learning is important for a successful career are:

-> Keeps a person abreast in the domain knowledge
-> Widens the perspective, thereby facilitating a better appreciation
-> Enhances managerial maturity
-> Adds to your credibility among peers and seniors
-> Brings in freshness and new thinking

A facilitator or trainer can surely assist you to achieve the above objectives. They are expected to help you gain knowledge or expanded thinking so that you build your capability. However, if someone is expecting immediate solutions to the professional problems, training program is not recommended. They probably need a consultant or advisor, more than a trainer.

Along with the ‘why’ of training, you need to demonstrate right learning aptitude to get the best out of a learning event. A sense of child-like curiosity, non-judgmental interaction with the faculty, internally processing as to how the new knowledge can be utilized back at work, being present without distractions are some of the key behaviors that will reveal your learning aptitude.

If you go into a training program with the right attitude and expectation, you will be able to derive the benefits. Remember only one thing – there are so many around us who may not be as blessed as we are to get the rich learning opportunity; it is therefore sensible to make best use of the opportunity and learn to grow – not only as a professional, but also as a human being!

Article – “What is your attitude towards learning?
By: Dr.Raj, 
Published in HR Mirror, Hans India.
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