LQube prides itself on providing fun, simple and practical learning solutions, focused on immediate real-world application. With over a decade of experience, having trained over 25,000 professionals, we have pinpointed exactly what needs to be addressed in a learning intervention to make a true business impact. More importantly, we’ve figured out how to pass on this knowledge to professionals in such a way as to maximize transfer of learning from classroom to workplace.

Our Process

  1. Training Need Analysis: We work alongside you to identify specific training requirements
  2. Intervention Design: Our learning architects help you choose from a wide range of methodologies (delivery models) best suited to maximize the impact of the intervention – instructor led sessions, blended learning, online learning, modularised learning, intermittent executive coaching
  3. Content Design: Once the intervention design has been finalised, our team of specialists step in to design customised content – targeted to your industry, location and employee profile
  4. Launching and Running the Intervention: An experienced facilitator will be in charge of running the intervention. We also help you design all the communication related to the intervention, before, during and after the intervention
  5. Impact Assessment: Depending on the type and duration of the intervention, we carry out comprehensive impact assessment procedures to identify the delta change in knowledge and behavior, before and after the intervention

Our Delivery Models

  1. Instructor Led Training: Customised, experiential programs delivered in-person by expert facilitators – creating a hands-on, practical, social learning environment.Design Studio: Comprehensive, customized learning interventions, packaged as a simple easy-to-use toolkit – complete with participant manuals, activity descriptions, case studies, handouts, and a detailed facilitator guide. We design. You deliver.E-learning: No logistical hassles. No batch requirements. Targeted interventions to meet the learning needs of every individual employee. Online webinars, case studies, games, worksheets and a dedicated learning coach – a strong motivating human touch in a virtual environment. Executive Coaching: One-on-one individual sessions to drive behavioral and attitudinal growth – either as a stand-alone intervention or blended with other group learning interventions. Such sessions provide a space for professionals to shed their inhibitions, face their fears and take on the next level.