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The other day I had an interesting request over a phone call. It was from Raghav, a 35-year old mid-level manager in a growing company.

As he started speaking to me, he had a slight hesitation in his voice.

Raghav said, “Ideally, I would have liked to meet you in person and discuss my problem. But I hardly find time to do so”

Me: “No problem Raghav! If you think we can discuss your problem over the call, I am perfectly fine with it. Please go ahead. What is your problem?”

manage timeRaghav: “That is my problem; not having enough time. I wanted to take your advice on any good time management course that I can attend. Can you please suggest one?”

Me: “I can surely look around and suggest a good course on time management; before doing that, I wanted to know if your problem will be solved just by attending a course. Will you learn to manage time or to manage yourself ?”

Raghav was silent and I knew he was thinking.

It is not only Raghav, but many of us face the same challenge; the challenge of doing many things but not finding the time. We look for a course that teaches how to manage time; we want to buy props like schedulers, calendars or other gadgets hoping that they will help us to manage time.

The key question, however, is: Do they really solve our problem?

It is good to be ambitious, but it is also important to realize that you will always have more ideas than time to execute. Once you achieve one goal, you can take up the next set of goals. There is no point in grumbling that you do not have the time to perform all the tasks.

Keep tracking this space to have a look at some of the key reasons why we struggle to find time to do many things. 

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