Managerial Effectiveness Program

Young, ambitious professionals join organizations as individual contributors and progress their way to the top. They become experts in their field. These professionals who have become experts believe that to progress ahead, they need to be task oriented. They need to become an SME managerial effectiveness(subject matter expert) in their area of profession. What they ultimately miss out is that being a Manager means managing people and handling people dynamics. Our managerial effectiveness program is the way out.

While becoming a Manager might appear as climbing up the ladder of success, it also means carrying a load of people responsibility. This requires specific people skills. How can a professional who has absolutely no learning or experience in handling people become a Manager? Is being a Manager such a cake-walk? If yes – then why is it that most Managers struggle to keep up and are often in more trouble than usual.

What is it about?

‘Managerial Effectiveness Program’ is a learning intervention for present and future managers. It is a comprehensive learning program for professionals who are into people management roles, and is designed to address specific managerial competencies.

We designed and deployed this program at an agro-chemical organization. This organization was formed with a mission to provide the Indian farmers with the best service and solutions for the entire plant protection problems for all the crops. They offer comprehensive solutions to the farmers by providing broad product portfolio with high international quality standards. Our target audiences were regional sales managers divided into 4 batches of approximately 25 members each.managerial effectiveness program

The program touched upon topics like building high performance teams, people management, change management and collaboration. The program was designed with a lot of activities, group discussions & videos. Participants received the program very well. We got very positive feedback about this program. Participants rated the program as one of the best that they have attended during their tenures with the company.

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