Managing Career Breaks

Managing break in career can be fairly simple process for some, while it can turn out to be a nightmare for others. The important factors that decide the complexity of the breaks in career include: the reason for the break, what to do during the break and how one should rebuild career.

managing career breaks

What could be the reasons for a break in career?
Some of the reasons for breaks can be explained well and therefore are harmless. Such reasons include:

-Going for higher studies
-Taking  care of aged  parents at native place
-Marriage and relocation
-Raising the kids

If there is a genuine case for a break in career, the corporate world normally takes a lenient view and thus makes it easy for the individual to rebuild the career after the break.

On the other hand, there are certain reasons which are very difficult to explain and therefore can have damaging impact on a person’s career.  Some of such reasons with more serious consequences include:

-Retrenched due to business closure
-Terminated due to ethical issues
-Fight with the manager/organization 
-Forced transfer
-General boredom and impulsive decision
-Wanting to change career track
-Personal Health 

Any of the above reasons for a career break will be difficult to explain and the corporate world will be skeptical with such individuals.  To establish oneself after a break due to the above reasons will be challenging.

Excerpts from the article – Managing Breaks in Career!
By: Dr.Raj, 
Published in HR Mirror, Hans India.
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