Micromanagement and its side effects

It is fascinating to come across some managers who take pride in micromanagement. Don’t understand what is micromanagement?

Read some of these behaviors and you will understand.

  • A manager wants to see every mail that goes from your mailboxmicromanagement
  • A manager wants to know who you were speaking to when he could not get you on phone
  • He/she wants to see your presentation that you are making to your team
  • He/she wants to know exactly what you are going to be speaking when you will be meet his boss.
  • This same person wants to suggest what should be the color scheme on your slides and what should be the width of your spreadsheet
  • Or even wants to call you every one hour even if he/she is on travel or holiday just to check what you are doing


Got it? In all probability you would have come across such micro-managers around you, if not having one such boss for yourself! How does it feel to have a micro-manager as your boss? What does it do to you? What does it do to the manager?

 Think about it!


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Article by:
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