next level leadership

Next Level Leadership

Next level Leadership is the prestigious flagship program of HR Footprints Management Services Pvt. Ltd. that was organized in Aug, 2013 at Hyderabad.

Cross industry interaction and learning was the key differentiator for this program and had representation from IT, Pharma, BPO, Manufacturing and Financial Services sectors to name a few. Diversity was at its best with 23 leaders also being functionally different; we had marketing heads, manufacturing leads, HR leaders & line managers actively sharing their perspectives during the course of the intense dialogues that were inbuilt into the program flow.

The workshop was based on the “10 commandments of leadership”. This is a proprietary model developed by HR Footprints Management Services and the main theme of the program was the “Butterfly model” which talks of different aspects, which help a leader to scale to the next level.
The power of reflection & thereby evolving a model for personal growth was the key take away for leaders who were slated for next level leadership positions in their respective organizations!

The program relied on experiential & real time transfer of learning with interesting case studies, group work, sharing of leadership challenges leading to an enriching experience for both the participants as well as the facilitators.

Dr Raj, CEO of HR Footprints and the facilitator led the workshop with finesse. Deep personal reflections, motivating stories that fueled food for thought, group discussions and a sense of humor kept the participants engaged without a dull moment throughout the proceedings of the workshop.

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