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Each industry operates differently and we help organizations by partnering under various models to address their hiring needs:


Permanent Hiring


Help organizations in hiring Junior, mid and senior-level talent, and this model will suit full-time resource hiring.


Contract Staffing 


(C2h & Rate Card) Helps organizations in identifying or deploying resources for a short time ( 6 months – 1 year) on a contract basis. Organizations can choose to convert them to permanent employees.


Executive Search


Primarily focused on Leadership hiring such as CXOs/ Board level talent. This also includes the Head Hunting model based on the need.


International Hiring


We specialize in cross- border talent search: spotting talent overseas and bringing them to India or placing Indian talent overseas.

Search Process And Methodology

Through our experience we realize that there are many place in the recruitment process where we can add value to enrich and delight both the client and candidates


Understanding the Client Organization


We understand the organization’s history, culture, growth plans, and teams to position the employer brand appropriately and attracting the right talent, even if they are passive job seekers.


Developing Position Specifications


The position specification document will be prepared based on the inputs provided by the organization. This serves as critical information, which is shared with potential candidates for the position.


Search Target Plan


Based on the position specification document, our search team will establish a detailed map of targeted industries and prospective candidates. The client may prefer to provide names of the companies from where talent may be sourced.


Evaluation and Shortlisting


We will interact with the targeted candidates to check for the career aspirations and possible match to client requirements. With our process checks, we will assess the suitability and present the most promising of these candidates to the client organization.


Organizing Interviews


Cherrypikz team will organize for interviews – in person or virtually using online tools. Based on the agreeableness from both sides,  we will work with the client organizations to draw up the final selection.


Reference Checks


Should you so require, we will conduct a preliminary ref check on the final candidate(s). You have the option of requesting a background check on candidates at an extra fee through an independent 3rd party agency.

Besides the above, we will collaborate with the client organization and facilitate the salary negotiation process and also engage with the candidate until the time of joining. We will act as a catalyst and build a foundation for a lasting relationship between the prospective leader and the client organization.

Why Work With Us?

Over many years, we have executed various search assignments across industries. We have industry specialists to service identify the right talent for our clients. Our mantra of being transparent helped us build trust and long-term relationships with our clients and candidates.


Industry Expertise


Sharpened Search Criteria


Value Adding Tools


Quick Turn Around Time-24 Hrs




Seamless Client and Candidate Engagement

Industries Served

We understand that each industry is different in terms of hiring practices, growth plans, compensation norms, etc. In order to service clients with suitable talent, we are specialized in various industries. Below are some of the industries we have expertise in hiring talent.

Agrochemical | Automobile | Cement | Chemicals | Construction | Engineering | Education |

Electrical, Electronics, and Energy | e-commerce | FMCG | Infrastructure | Media & Entertainment

Not-For-Profit | Pharmaceutical | Health care & Life Sciences | Retail | Telecom | IT & ITES | Textile

Geographies Placed


India | Middle East  | Africa | Europe | USA | Japan | Philippines

Few of our Exclusive Search Assignments

    • India Commercial Operations Head
    • Contract Research & Contract Manufacturing Business Head
    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Chief Operating Officer
    • Chief Human Resource Officer
    • Sales Director
    • Operations Director
    • Vice President of Supply Chain Management
    • Head Research & Development
    • Head Corporate Strategy
    • Head Design Engineering
    • Head BPO Operations
    • Head HR
    • Head Digital Transformation
    • Head Research & Development
    • Head Business Development
    • Head Elevator Manufacturing Operations
    • GDPR Head

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