remembering the mahatma

Remembering the Mahatma Through a Special Book

Mahatma Gandhi forever remains as our inspiration. Remembering  Mahatma  as our  leader  gives  us  a sense  of  pride  as  a nation.  His  gospel  of  non-violence  lead  us  to  our  freedom  in  1947.  Often  referred  to  as  the ‘father  of  the  nation’ Gandhiji was the embodiment of calm and  character.  A true  leader  in  every  sense.

Even today, when we facilitate any program on leadership, people take Gandhiji as the first example!

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi, we are here remembering the Mahatma through one special book!

Gandhi on Personal Leadership

Anand Kumarasamy authored this book and was published by Jaico in 2006. When I saw the contents page, I was drawn into it instantly and I bought it.

The special feature that  I experienced with this book is the chapter titles  that make you think even without reading them!

There are in total 40 chapters and I am sharing here the top chapters!

My choicest chapters

  1. A strong sense of purpose
  2. The importance of character
  3. The power of our everyday choices and actions
  4. The importance of risking failures
  5. The value of creative tension
  6. The power of conscience
  7. The importance of trust
  8. The law of personal responsibility
  9. Personal honesty and authenticity
  10. Balancing action and reflection

Review by: 

Dr. Raj Kumar, CEO

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