Sourcing without Borders

Weren’t things simpler and easier in sourcing, before the Covid-19 pandemic? Maybe. But it was even never that simple to find and source the right talent with the restrictions of locations, work timings, and many more. The pandemic and work from home have enabled us to break the barriers and find the right talent across states and countries. 

The pandemic has changed the way we look for people and source them. Let’s see how:

Adapted workforce planning needs

Agility and transformation are two of the biggest factors for success moving forward –a trend that certainly expects to remain as we come out of Covid-19. 

Contingent talent pool: 

We fully expect to see firms focus on “Sourcing without borders” where key skills are valued over location or travel abilities.

Barrier breaking move:

The shift towards flexible working practices from a rigid structure can see a focus on purely skill-based sourcing across a wide range of offices, professionals, and technical portions where management focuses on getting the resources on board to do the job necessary for the result. 

StaffOn, our staffing services company has been helping organizations to find the right talent and maintain 100% compliance. 

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