Successfully completed assessment centre for a construction company!

With globalization, the market has become increasingly demanding and competitive. There is a demand for range of goods and services. To survive in this competitive environment, organizations need to align their strategic intent in line with the market requirements. The strategic intent thus shapes the vision and mission of the organization, the structure of the organization and the values it follows. The organization then sets its performance goals according to its strategic intent. To achieve these performance goals it has become imperative for organizations to have competent people. An Assessment Centre can help organizations identify and develop these competent people, and have thus become the need of the day.

assessment centre

Over the years, opportunities in the construction industry have been increasing. Clients have grown consistently and significantly over the last few years. Currently, company’s bandwidth is being challenged with the expansion in business and demands from customer. Therefore, the organization expects the second and third level incumbents to take greater responsibility and ownership. Towards this broad objective, it was proposed to have an independent agency designing a competency framework and assessing the team members.

HR Footprints then developed a blueprint of Assessment Centre, a scientific methodology deployed by several global organizations. Based on the assessments, any organization can facilitate individual professional development, assign roles that match the competencies, and also assist employees to work towards career growth.

Assessment Centre tools and techniques:

assessment centre exercisesWe at HR Footprints Management Services conducted a two day assessment centre around 7 key competencies critical to the organization. We then developed individual reports that can be further used by the organization to draw out individual development plans. This would also help scale up the second level leadership to shoulder higher responsibilities. We measured these competencies using the following tools : Group discussion, team simulation, business presentation, in-basket exercises, behavioural event interviews.

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