A friend in need is a Friend indeed – a great lesson to learn

I would want to narrate a rather simple incident, which on the surface might not sound a deed of great goodness or importance, however, when I think back on it, is a very important lesson in friendship and goodwill. However, I have changed the names of the characters in this incident as this is a real incident [...]

Remembering the Mahatma Through a Special Book

Mahatma Gandhi forever remains as our inspiration.  Even today, when we facilitate any program on leadership, people take Gandhiji as the first example! On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi, I wanted to remember one special book! Gandhi on Personal Leadership Anand Kumarasamy authored this book and was published by Jaico in 2006. When I saw the contents page, I was drawn into it instantly and I bought it. The special feature that  I experienced with this book is the chapter titles  that make you think even without reading them! There are in total 40 chapters and I am sharing here the top chapters! My choicest chapters A strong sense of purpose The importance[...]