Use of psychometric tools in HR

Psychometric tools are not a new concept in HR. We have been listening this word for a pretty long time. These tools help in understanding the individuals’ mental capabilities and behavioral style and also identify the hidden aspects of an individual that are difficult to extract from a face-to-face interaction. But a word of caution is these […]

Is it fair to perceive those who are poor in English as less competent?

“The story published by Times of India (dated January 5, 2014) triggered these questions and worth giving a thought which says fluent English speakers earn 34% more than others do.” – Dr. Raj Follow Dr. Raj on Twitter @drraj29   Do we actually perceive some one to be less competent if he/she speaks poor English? Is it[…]




Beginner? Do not get carried away!

During my first job in Mumbai, I had an interesting experience that taught me an important lesson in my career. Let me narrate the story in detail. If you are a beginner, you can relate. It was about 15 days into the job and I was still figuring out how things happen there and what I was[…]