7-Parameters for Building Performance-Oriented Organizations

As a strategic HR partner, we are about to complete two performance cycles using a performance management system that we designed and implemented at one of our manufacturing clients in 2019.  From a stage of people’s reluctance to the process to voluntarily asking us when are we initiating the goal-setting process, has been yet another phenomenal journey […]



Behavioral Training for Managers/ Supervisors is not an option but the need of the hour -Part 1

Did you know that the most important transition in business is the move from an employee to a managerial role and research says that most managers feel they need management training when they become “first time managers”. Hello and Hi to all the readers…  our blog today is to present the positive outlook of how a well[…]

7-Tips for People Development

During the growth journey, a stage comes in career where you need to go through a transition period. Most important transition is when you move from being an individual contributor to becoming a manager of a team. While there are many newly added responsibilities, developing team members is one of the most important responsibilities of managers. In[…]