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Accountable by Design – Process Driven Accountability

Last week, we talked about the importance of creating organisations that are accountable by design – organisations that, by their very functioning, ensure that their employees demonstrate accountability. Our research highlighted 5 core drivers that are crucial in building accountability. In our last article, we discussed the first of these 5 drivers – consequences. We touched upon […]

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Accountable by design – Consequence Driven Accountability

It’s well known in the professional world that accountability is extremely important for success. The question is whether to build accountability at an individual level or an organizational one? We’ve worked with HR Heads who want to identify their least accountable employees and put them through rigorous training programs. We’ve also worked with HR Heads who want[…]

Accountability – An individual trait or a cultural mandate?

Multiple studies over the years have shown that accountability has a strong impact on organisational performance. Understandably, most organisations are therefore, striving towards increasing the level of accountability in their employees. We talked to a few MDs, CEOs and HR Heads to understand their thoughts on accountability and what they were doing to increase the extent to[…]