Does your performance matter to you?

Organizations and leaders focus so much on performance. They design systems; they organize workshops; give reviews; offer feedback, incentives or disincentives. So much to drive performance because it matters to the organization and business!   Key question, however, is: does it matter to the individual?   What happens if I perform well? I may be appreciated; rewarded, […]




Opportunities For HRBP To Add Value

In our previous blogs we have discussed about the structure of HR function and the role of HRBP. Let us look at the specific opportunities for HRBP to add value in organization. Specific Opportunities for HRBP to Add Value: There are many areas of business, which can benefit from the expertise of HRBP. Some of the examples[…]



Impact of leader on your performance

Here is an important question: What do you think influences your performance at the workplace? Question looks simple, but answers could be many. The usual factors that influence the workplace performance are: role clarity, amenities, quality of colleagues, cooperation across various departments, compensation, incentives, my personal competence and motivation. In addition to all the above factors, there[…]