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The word invention is familiar to all of us. 24*7 every other meeting in corporate rooms centers on it. But is Invention the only ladder for success? Ironically one may feel so hence get stumped? Hang on till I name a few companies who moved from invention to re-invention – Biggies such as IBM, Shell, Wipro have done exactly the same – A diversified portfolio.

What’s the fun when the human race confines to re-inventing in business and not self. Let me share my principle to re-invent self to touch higher pedestals that life has in store.

Way back in 1916 Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham came up with a concept called Johari Window, one dimension that would sync with our thought currently is the “Open Self” (details known to self & known to others) which can be referred to as “Exploration” in my experience. Reflect on this arena – identify aspects you’re kicked about, give it a thought, discuss with your intimate circles, think, breath and act on this thought. While you’re doing each of these, you start to build on the concept and that leads to the second stage called Experiment.

Experiment – If exploring had set the stage on fire, experiment would be a free flow. Map your idea with the goals, activities and time-frames. Give it the air to breath. A subconscious transformation will lead from a stage of insecurity to sense of happiness and self –worth (at least for the mere fact of giving a chance to one-self).

Execute – Well, symbolically a bit of your execution is however considered in the earlier step. Exploration and experimentation is void if it fails to be implemented. A timely review of the actions undertaken and soliciting feedback will help track results. This is all about the effort, time that you put in to reap self-benefits.

On coming till here, I am sure you would have discovered a new “You”, having tasted the ecstasy of re-awaking – either in your profession, hobby or a way of leading your life just as I did.

So my dear blog readers, I am sure while you are reading my adaption to life you have started reflecting on yours – Wishing you a happy, healthy and more of “You” than ever before.

Love to hear your thoughts, views and experiences. Let the new You reach the world.

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-Kalyani Barma

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